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This page gathers all the documentation available on our site about (La)TeX. If you know other interesting pointers, feel free to tell us by sending a mail to latex@loria.fr.
Warning: On this set of pages, you will not find any (La)TeX source files or distribution packages, but only documentation. If you want to retrieve a package, you have to go to a CTAN site or mirror. The French mirror site is on ftp.loria.fr.
NB: Some of the documents presented here are in the dvi format, so you need a correct setup and the adequate fonts to visualize them on your site. Generally, a PostScript (compressed with gzip) or PDF version is also made available in these cases.

To read a document in dvi format, you must associate a dvi viewer to this format. For example, with netscape, in the mailcap file, put a line such as:

xdvi %s
And to read Postscript, put a line such as:
application/postscript; ghostview %s
You must of course adapt the name of the viewers to your local environment.
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