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Xy-pic User's Guide

Kristoffer H. Rose   <krisrose@brics.dk>gif

Version 3.3, 1996/12/19

This document is a hypertext version of a document obtainable in several printable formats through the Xy-pic home page. It was generated using LaTeX2HTML.


Xy-pic is a package for typesetting graphs and diagrams using Knuth's TeX typesetting system. Xy-pic works with most of the many formats available, e.g., plain TeX, LaTeX, and AMS-TeX. Several styles of input for various diagram types are supported; they all share a mnemonic notation based on the logical composition of visual components. This guide concentrates on how to typeset "matrix-like" diagrams, such as commutative diagrams, in the following style:


was typeset by the Xy-pic input lines

 U \ar@/_/[ddr]_y \ar@/^/[drr]^x
   \ar@{.>}[dr]|-{(x,y)}            \\
  & X \times_Z Y \ar[d]^q \ar[r]_p
                 & X \ar[d]_f       \\
  & Y \ar[r]^g   & Z                }
Such diagrams have the following characteristics: Several other styles of input are supported; a short survey of the possibilities is included last at the end along with information on how Xy-pic can be obtained.


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