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2.7 Arrows passing under

Arrows can pass under (or via) any other entry: Just insert 't, i.e., a quote (apostrophe) character followed by a target, for each entry that should be visited except the last, "ordinary & final" entry:
  \ar@{|-->} '[dr] ^a
             '[rr]+D*{\bullet} ^b
              [drrr] ^c
         & {\circ} & {\circ} & {\circ} \\
 {\circ} & {\circ} & {\circ} & {\circ} }



As you see, labels are set separately on each segment.


Exercise 12.

Typeset the "lambda cube"


Hint: "going under" an empty entry leaves a small gap at that location. The compactness is achieved using a trick described in section 3.3.



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