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This guide explains some features of Xy-pic that are relevant to typesetting of "matrix-like diagrams" as used in, for example, category theory; please refer to the reference manual [8] for complete information on the described constructions. The guide assumes that you have some experience in using TeX for typesetting mathematics, e.g., have studied [2, ch. 16-19,], [3, sec. 3.3,], or [9], and that Xy-pic is installed on your TeX system as described in the INSTALL file accompanying the distribution.

The first section describes what you need to get started, in particular all that is needed to typeset the diagram in the abstract. Section 2 and 3 explain advanced use of arrows and entries, respectively. Finally, section 4 explains where and under what conditions Xy-pic is available, gives the relation of version 3.3 to previous versions, and lists further sources of information.

Throughout we give exercises that you should be able to solve as you go along; all exercises are answered at the end just prior to the references and index.


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