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1.6 Curving

Arrows can be made to curve, for example to avoid going through another entry, using the special style @/curving/. The simplest styles of curving are the following, shown applied to an arrow from A to B:


As the last example shows a dimension can be inserted just after ^ or _ if more or less curving is desired.

In case it is easier to specify the in- and out-going directions of the curving then that is also possible: use


where in and out are one of the following directions:


In this case the curving is computed such that the curve begins at the base entry in the in direction and ends at the target entry from the out direction (this means that tex2html_wrap_inline2512 and tex2html_wrap_inline2514 are mirror images. See section 2.6 for more directions).


Exercise 5.





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