TeX 3.14159 -- Rewards for finders of bugs

Date: 11 Mar 1995 15:47:38 -0500 (EST)
From: bbeeton <BNB@MATH.AMS.ORG>
Subject: tex 3.14159 -- rewards for finders of bugs

    Michael Barr                    Denis Roegel
    Walter C3arlip                  Marek Ry\'cko
    Yannis Haralambous              Peter Schmitt
    Berthold Horn                   Rainer Schoepf
    Robert Hunt                     Petr Sojka
    Bogus{\l}aw Jackowski           Jim Sterken
    J"org Knappen                   Chris Thompson
    Pierre MacKay                   Andrew Trevorrow
    Eberhard Mattes                 Ulrik Vieth
    Bernd Raichle

i have the pleasure of informing you that you are to receive a check
from don knuth as the result of his most recent processing of bug
reports.  (some of you don't have e-mail addresses as far as i know,
so this message is being sent to a colleague.)

what i need for you is a postal address, to which i can send the check
and the supporting documentation, in the form of the message that i
sent to knuth, printed for him by his secretary, and annotated by him.
please send me a postal address that will be good in, say, two weeks; 
even if i already have one, i don't want to use one that may not be
current -- tracking down lost mail and getting knuth to issue
replacement checks is just too big a problem.

i will also be transcribing his comments into the file as originally
sent to him, and sending that material to the tex-implementors list,
so even if i receive your address by return e-mail, it's likely to
be a few days before i can send out the checks.  (the stack of paper
is more than 1cm thick -- 106 pages.)

i'm happy to report that i've gotten a small reward this time too --
$2.56.  another one to frame and hang on the wall.

thank you for your part in this periodic ritual.
                                                -- bb